Come, shipwreck a rhino

The world is full of stories. Some of the very best stories of all are true.

My working life is mostly spent hunting down some of these stories. I write books for children and adults, many of them about things that are true – science and history,  for example. Some are about things which people have thought to be true, and some even might be true – mysteries and the paranormal. Some are made-up stories (fiction) for children. You can find out about my books on my website.

As I write , I come across a host of wonderful tales. I can’t use them all in the books (though some of the stories here are also in some of my books), but I hate to see them slip back into obscurity. So I have curated them into this growing collection, which I hope will become a sort of ‘cabinet of curiosities’*. It’s very much an intermittent blog—I add things as I find them and am not trying to keep to any schedule.

You may wander around my virtual cabinet at will, and plunder the stories for your own use, but please don’t reproduce my text without permission. Information is free – but its form of expression is covered by copyright. (See the Contact page if you want to get in touch about reusing something.) Unless otherwise stated, the images are all in the public domain and copyright free.

*Cabinets of curiosities became popular in the sixteenth century. They housed collections of anything their owners found interesting from bones and fossils to stuffed animals, meteorites and strange instruments. The collections had no theme, but were prompted by wonder at and delight in the world.

The cabinet of curiosities belonging to Ole Worm, 1655